Investing Is Not Just About Money

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Wealth |

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Invest in yourself first

Few years back I always get the impression when someone talks about investment, I always asked myself how much money is involve but I just realized this year 2016 that it is not just about money, it is about a whole lot more. And i’m going to share to you what I understand about investments and what investments can you do with money to no money at all.

Learn new skills

Every year as much as possible I try to learn a new set of skills. There are tons of topics you can choose, from business, technology, survival, DIY or self development. I always think of what skills should I learn. The trick here is determining which is important to you and useful in your success.

Below are some skills that I think is a must

  • Personal finance – you have to know how to budget your income and your expenses
  • Health – what good is your income if all is spent on hospital bills, “health is wealth”


Having someone to mentor you is life changing and could help you achieve your goals faster specially if your mentor has already accomplished your goal, all you need to do is ask how he/she did it. But sadly some mentors are too busy to do one-on-one session with you or they are already dead but have no fear I have a solution.

Invest on books, this is the fastest and cheapest way to get a mentor if you don’t have direct access to one. Read biography or books of someone you admire as it allows you to learn how they think and the decisions they have made along their career.

But don’t forgot to read or even invest on a Bible. God is the most powerful mentor you can have in your life greater than your idols. So now that I have given you an idea about investing, my question is what investments are you planning to do now?

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