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I’m a battleship! Change your course!

A battleship was maneuvering in heavy weather.

The lookout reported a light in the distance, so the captain had the signalman send a message:

‘We’re on a collision course. Advise you change your course twenty degrees.’

Minutes later a signal came back: that shocked everyone including the captain

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Build A Company of Giants

Doing everything all by yourself is not a bad idea as the saying goes “If you want to get things done, you have to do it yourself.” Well that is true but there are limits to this saying.

You can be a jack of all trades but you can only learn so much within 24 hours a day and how much you manage your time is a big factor as well. You will also consider what are the Urgent and Important things you need to do.

If you want to to improve and grow your business online you can learn how to build a website, promote your website, and then optimize your website for conversion. How long do you think you can learn all this things?

The moment you learn all of this, your competitors are way ahead of you and already establish a brand online. Don’t just work hard pair it with working smart. I know the real world is tough the keyword here is collaboration.

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Price Won’t Matter If You Sold Your Value Clearly

If you have website that is selling products or offering services, if the price is cheaper than the other competitors you must show it on your site, make it prominent, make it visible let your visitors know.

On the other hand if your price is higher you must explain why and what i’m getting for that price. Higher price is a bit tricky as you must explain more in depth to your customers the value your product or services can offer them and how it can change their lives.

Always remember when you try selling to someone and they reacted that your price is higher than expected, this only means that you haven’t sold them the value of your product or services. But once they are sold out with the value price won’t matter.

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Running a business has its ups and downs. Same with having a website sometimes you get visitors sometimes no visitors at all or writing your blogs but nobody is reading it or leaving comments.

But even if things don’t go your way what matters is what is your attitude towards this circumstances. If your website has no visitors check your site’s insights it should tell you why.

There are lot of ways you can drive traffic to your website and same as you, i’m in constant learning as well. Don’t anchor yourself with the idea that if this works then you stop learning, always monitor and adjust. #beinspiredtoday

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How To Get 24 Hours Ahead of Your Competitors

In business there is a limit to how much hours we can invest in a day. When I say invest I meant to say “hours worked”. Your business is operational from 9-6 or 8-5 every day, so meaning all your employees will only work during those hours.
Sometimes working more than 8 hours is needed but doing this long term could jeopardize our health or our employee’s health and sometimes our social life.
“Younger people sacrifice their health for wealth, when they are older they will sacrifice their wealth for health. “

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Track Your Website’s Performance Through Goals

When you grow your business online using a website, tracking progress on your site is a must, using 3rd party services that will provide insights is a must tool. I personally use Google Analytics as it is free and I really love using Google’s services.

In Google Analytics every mentor and tutorials over the internet will always tell you that you need to create a Goal. Creating a Goal in Google Analytics will help you track your KPI’s success and your site’s funnel if it’s good and effective.

“Living a life without a goal is living a life without a meaning. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Heitem Ak

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How To 10x Your Business Online

In this digital world, if you don’t know the trends you are going to be left behind.
Even if you think your business is doing good, if you don’t have an online presence your competitors will kick your ass with their websites.
Consider trends as an opportunity, right now the trend is growing your business online since your customers are there and an online presence is the only way to reach them.

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